Moving Day

Renovations 3: Moving DayMoving Day
Renovations Book 3

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The pleasant routine of Ven’s life is upended when Cake gets notice that he can move into the assisted living facility where he’s always dreamed of living. Cake is ready to live on his own, and Toby is ready to make other moves, but Ven isn’t ready for any of it.

Length: Novella | Rating: Hot | Publisher: Torquere Press
Themes: Interracial RelationshipWorking Class HeroInterclass Relationship; Hero with Children; Bisexual Hero; Contemporary Romance

Series Titles:

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“I’m having a moving day,” Cake said brightly, throwing his arm around Toby’s shoulders. “You’re invited.”

“Of course he is.” Ven smiled at the pair of them, coming down to meet them on the steps. “You’ve got a place to show me?”

“Yeah.” Toby smiled at Ven, a different smile than the one he’d given Cake. Softer. “You ready to go?”

“I’ll grab my gear from the truck,” Ven said. He slapped Cake on the shoulder, trying to cover how he melted inside at Toby’s smile. “You better go on in before the dogs try to pack themselves up.”

Toby laughed. “You must have some pretty big boxes, man. Those dogs aren’t small.”

“I have lots of stuff,” Cake said proudly, lumbering up the steps. “Models and things. I better get packing.” He stopped at the door to wave at them before going in. Ven could hear him talking sweet to the dogs inside.

“He’s all grown up,” Ven told Toby. He pulled his gear out of the front seat of the truck and slung the toolbelt over his shoulder. It felt terribly bittersweet, but he pushed the sadness aside.

“I didn’t realize he was thinking of moving out,” Toby said, walking with Ven back to his car.

“He’s been on the list for years. Since before he moved in with me.” Ven went around to his side of the car. He dug in his toolbox for a bandana, since he’d forgotten to pull his hair back. At least he’d remembered to put his workboots on. Everything was out of joint today.

“So he’s been looking forward to this for awhile.” Toby got in and started up the car, backing out of the driveway as soon as Ven was strapped in and ready to go.

“I’d pretty much forgotten, except when he brought it up every little while,” Ven confessed. Maybe he’d wanted to forget; for all that his business was about change, Ven liked it when big change steered clear of his personal life. “He has friends who live there. It’s like condos, only with some supervision for the residents. He’s almost too independent to qualify, but not quite.” Ven sighed and leaned his head back against the seat, closing his eyes.

“Tired?” Toby asked quietly, sounding sympathetic.

“Didn’t really sleep last night,” Ven said. “Not sure why.” He turned his head to smile at Toby. It had been more than a week since they’d been together, spent the night, had sex. Maybe that was to blame.


“Yet another enjoyable story.” — Emily, Rainbow Reviews

“Full of emotion.” — Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed

“I can’t wait to see where Anah Crow and Dianne Fox take this next!” — Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

“Anah Crow and Dianne Fox have outdone themselves.” — Bella, TwoLips Reviews

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