Making Time

Renovations: Making TimeMaking Time
Renovations Book 2.5

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Ven hopes his lover, Toby, has no plans for Halloween, because he has a lot of things he’d like to do. When he calls Toby up, though, the man is with his kids, trick-or-treating. Toby is more than happy to join Ven for some dancing and more afterward, though. Will they get all the treats they want?

Length: Short Story | Rating: Hot | Publisher: Torquere Press
Themes: Interracial RelationshipWorking Class HeroInterclass Relationship; Hero with Children; Bisexual Hero; Contemporary Romance

Series Titles:

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Ven came out of the cafe with a bag of baked goods and two coffees. The bookstore wasn’t far, at least. Ven slipped in as a pair of pirates and a superhero were roaring out, tailed by a frazzled woman in a pink tracksuit. It took him a minute to spot Toby, but there he was. Damn.

Toby was in jeans and a T-shirt that had been worn thin by too many washings. Both the jeans and the T-shirt were snug, the jeans’ snugness accentuated by the fact that he was bending over, helping a little kangaroo stuff more candy into her belly-pouch while a dark-skinned Dorothy with braided pigtails and sparkly red shoes looked on.

Ven hardly noticed the kids at first. God, Toby’s ass. He was addicted. But Toby’s ass was all pale and curvy and sweet and Ven wanted to… oh, damn. Right. Kids.

Ven didn’t think a thing about the fact that they were nearly as dark as he was, at first. All the little kids in his family looked just about like that. It wasn’t until Toby straightened and caught sight of him that it sank in and Ven realized that Toby’s wife must have been dark-skinned.

They sure did make some pretty babies. She must be a pretty woman. Ven hadn’t given much thought to Toby’s ex before, but now it hit him, reminding him that Toby was the marrying kind. A family man. It was a big mental shift, added on to the fact that he and Toby had decided to stop seeing anyone else. Ven took a breath. He and Toby understood each other. Nothing was going anywhere it shouldn’t.


“I can’t get enough of them!” — Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed

“Explosively sensual.” — Bella, TwoLips Reviews

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