Full House

Renovations 4: Full House

Full House
Renovations Book 4

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Life is great for Ven and Toby. Then Toby’s ex throws a wrench in the works, but not in the usual way. When Brenda offers Toby half of every week with his girls, he’s thrilled…until Ven starts acting strangely. Things blow up and only hard work keeps Ven and Toby from pulling their family apart.

Length: Novella | Rating: Hot | Publisher: Torquere Press
Themes: Interracial RelationshipWorking Class HeroInterclass Relationship; Hero with Children; Bisexual Hero; Contemporary Romance

Series Titles:

cover-renovations1Renovations 2: Playing HouseMaking TimeRenovations 3: Moving DayRenovations: In a Family WayRenovations 4: Full HouseRenovations 5: Mending FencesRenovations 6: Coming Home


“Any requests?” Ven was clean and bare, his hair flowing over his shoulders in heavy, damp waves. He cupped Toby’s face in one hand and ducked his head to kiss Toby on the mouth. His kiss was hot and sweet and shameless and Ven’s other hand stroked the curve of Toby’s ass.

“Mmm, I’ve got a few ideas.” Toby mouthed at Ven’s lips. He had all kinds of ideas, and most of them involved Ven’s dick in his mouth. Toby was just about to say so when the phone rang. He groaned. Damn it. Whoever it was had terrible timing.

Ven sighed heavily. The house phone. They both knew what that meant — it wasn’t work. “Might be Cake.” Ven gave Toby a fast kiss. “I’ll go tell him we’re doing mushy stuff.” Ven slithered past Toby, rubbing up against him, all smooth and muscular and tempting. “Hold that thought.”

That wouldn’t be a problem at all, not with Ven’s ass looking so damn good as he crossed the room to get to the phone. Toby swallowed a moan. Damn, but Ven was gorgeous. Toby hoped the phone call was over fast, so they could get back to dessert.

Ven frowned at the call-display like he knew who was calling and then answered. “Hello, Brenda.” He stood there, one hip cocked, his free hand tugging his hair back,  and frowned even more deeply.

Toby’s tension ratcheted up. Why was his ex-wife calling? Had something happened to one of the girls?

“Yeah, he’s right here.” Ven started back across the room toward Toby, firelight playing over his skin as he passed in front of the hearth. “Everything okay? Okay. Here he is.” Ven’s frown faded, and so did Toby’s worry.

Toby leaned forward to take the phone when Ven offered it, and tried to remember that he couldn’t just keep moving to get his mouth on Ven’s dick, which was right there in front of him, dark and perfect. “Brenda.” Toby dragged his gaze from Ven’s cock, looking around for something — anything — else to focus on while he spoke to his ex. “Everything okay?”

“The girls are fine, Toby.” Brenda sounded amused but, really, Toby couldn’t think of too many other reasons why she might be calling. “I do have a favor to ask, though.”

That hadn’t been on his list of possibilities. Brenda usually had everything so well organized that she didn’t need his help, or anyone else’s. “What’s up?”

“I should’ve asked weeks ago, but I thought I had everything worked out. My parents were supposed to… Well, anyway, I was wondering if you could take the girls from Wednesday to Saturday.” Brenda seemed uncharacteristically frazzled.

“You need me to pick them up from school?” Josie and Charlotte went to a private school downtown. There were no school buses, and the girls were too young, at five and seven, to ride the city bus system. “I can probably do that. What’s going on?”

“My continuing ed classes are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights, and all day on Saturday. I can’t get out of it, and I can’t reschedule at this point. My parents were supposed to take the girls, but Dad’s been sent out of town on business and Mom’s got the flu and then they’ve got a cruise next month…”

“Okay, okay,” Toby cut in. “Calm down. This isn’t just for this week, then?”


“Two exceptional characters that are attention grabbing from the beginning and continue to evolve with each story.” — Emily, Rainbow Reviews

“Perfect.” — Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed

“Sheds more light on the seemingly confident Ven and the insecurities that he hides so well.” — Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

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