Series: Foundations of Magic

Foundations of Magic

The Foundations of Magic series are novel-length urban fantasy romance stories set in a contemporary universe in which human mages, feral shapeshifters, and a variety of other paranormal creatures live their lives beneath the surface of the mundane human world.

Tatterdemalion CoverTatterdemalion — Foundations of Magic Book 1

Lindsay Carrington is a prisoner of his life—first in the mundane world, then in the military testing facility where his parents sent him to have his magic dissected, studied and “fixed”. When he finally escapes, freedom comes at great cost. The man who rescues him from near death in a dark alley is far from a savior. He’s a feral mage nearly as broken as Lindsay himself.

Dane knows better than to argue with the wind that summoned him to Lindsay’s rescue, but playing nursemaid isn’t the role he envisioned for himself in the battle to end the human campaign to control his people. In spite of his resistance, he is bound to the delicate, skittish mage who unwittingly harbors one of the greatest magical powers ever known.

Lindsay desperately hides his growing desire, sure that Dane could never reciprocate. Yet Dane lays his life on the line to protect him, restoring the one thing Lindsay thought was gone forever: hope.

But true freedom to live—and to love—will elude Lindsay until he can regain his magic and win Dane’s complete devotion. And survive long enough to do both.

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Trammel — Foundations of Magic Book 2

In the relative security of Atlantic City, Lindsay feels safe for the first time in his life. He and Dane even sneak away from their mage “family” for the occasional date.

All that ends with the arrival of Noah, whose magic is a pure, wild fire fueled by terrible grief over the loss of his wife. To Lindsay’s great surprise, he is assigned as Noah’s mentor, protector and healer. His efforts to help Noah control his immense power aren’t without a few fiery slip-ups.

Just as Lindsay is rising to the challenge, word comes that Moore, the same scientist who once imprisoned Lindsay, has a young a girl who has just manifested a devastating new magic. The desperate mission to free her leaves Noah terribly wounded, Dane captured…and Lindsay the head of what’s left of the family.

With the fate of Dane, his connection to Noah, and the lives of the family resting on his untested shoulders, Lindsay must trust the others—and himself—to save his lover. And everyone else who will suffer if Moore’s plans go unchecked.

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Release Date: May 24, 2011

Cover Coming SoonTernion — Foundations of Magic Book 3

The third book in the Foundations of Magic series. Follows Lindsay, Dane, Noah and the rest of their little family as they continue in their struggle to end Moore’s frightening plans to enslave their people.

Digital Editions: Coming Soon!
Release Date: Late 2011, Early 2012

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