Driven to Distraction

Driven to DistractionDriven to Distraction
Drive Into Love Book 1

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Jess Leonard has his hands full as a single dad and the owner of a small but busy garage. He doesn’t have room in his schedule for a deep breath, much less a date. When Benaiah Day bangs up the underside of his ‘66 Jaguar, Jess heads out to do the fix-up work—and finds himself invited in for dinner and more.

Ben fits perfectly into the tiny bit of time Jess calls his own. Both of them are marveling at their good luck when Jess’s dad inadvertently drives a wedge between them. Dating a black man when your dad isn’t shy about his Southern pride—preferably with the biggest Confederate flag he can find—is a heck of a recipe for relationship issues, and that’s before Jess trips over the baggage—an obnoxious ex—that Ben can’t seem to lose.

In spite of the mess, Jess and Ben drive each other crazy in the very best way, and they’re both dreaming of the same destination—love that lasts. Can they find a way around the obstacles that could keep them from getting there together?

Length: Novella | Rating: Erotic | Publisher: Amber Allure
Themes: Interracial Relationship; Working Class Hero; Interclass Relationship; Hero with Children; Contemporary Romance; Small Town Life

Series Titles:

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After they got the car up and the chocks in place, Jess dropped the creeper down on the brick and dropped himself down on top of it. Ben looked even better from this angle, but Jess didn’t let himself enjoy it for long. He used his feet to roll himself under the car.

Once he wiped away the mess of oil and grime with the rag he had tucked in his back pocket, he could see the problem right away. The oil pan. Sure enough, the damn thing had a crack right through the side of it, where it hit those bricks on the way up Ben’s driveway. Looked like everything else was holding.

“You did a hell of a job,” he called from under the car. “I think I got a spare oil pan back at the garage, took it off a junker last year when old Al needed a new headlight for this baby.” He rolled back out from under the car to get another look at Ben. “Gimme an hour or so, I can come back and get you fixed up. ’Less you need to be heading back to work?”

Ben checked his watch and shook his head. “I’m good, but that’s gonna take you on into dinnertime. I can’t do that. I can call a tow truck in the morning, have them bring the car to you.”

“Oh, hell no. You can’t do that to this car.” Jess got himself up to standing and shook his head. “You’d have to call Tony’s, he’s the only one around here who’s got a flatbed with a lift on it, and he’s in Florida visiting his folks this week. Look, my mom’s got the kids ’til—” He checked his watch. “Seven. If I can’t get you done by then, I’ll finish on the weekend, okay?”

“Okay,” Ben said reluctantly. “But only if you’ll let me make you dinner. I’m sure you’ll have your hands full with the kids after.”

Jess checked his watch again. Jamie and Lily would be getting off the school bus at his mom’s place right about now. Mom would handle dinner for the kids, and get Lily through her homework. Yeah, okay. It wasn’t like he wanted to say no to a dinner invitation from a guy who looked like Ben, anyway, even if it was just in trade for fixing the car.


“A sleek read with tons of power under the hood.” — Val, Joyfully Reviewed

Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read

“A wonderful read… great chemistry.” — Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

“An enjoyable opposites attract story about a mechanic and a car-challenged professor.” — Lily, Reviews by Jessewave

Driven to Distraction was included in Jessewave’s list of Diverse M/M Books for having an African-American hero.

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