Drive Into Love

Drive Into LoveDrive Into Love

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On the surface, Jess Leonard and Benaiah Day are complete opposites. Jess is white mechanic and a single dad. Ben is a black academic and a happy bachelor. But when push comes to shove, it turns out these two have more in common than the heat they generate in bed…

Previously available only in electronic format, these two stories of contemporary gay romance have now been combined for a paperback edition!  Included are the tales Driven to Distraction and Going the Distance.

Driven to Distraction Jess Leonard has his hands full with two kids and his own small but busy garage. He doesn’t have time to breathe, much less date. But when he goes from fixing Benaiah Day’s car to falling into his bed, Jess realizes he’s still missing one thing—the right man.

Jess and Ben are just getting started when Jess’s dad drives them off track. Making amends just leads to more problems, and Jess has to face the fact that love—just like his children and the cars he fixes for a living—takes work.

Going the Distance Jess and Ben met in Driven to Distraction and their attraction has held strong across the distance between their races, classes, and cultures. Yet when Ben asks Jess to disrupt his schedule and come out of the comfortable rut he’s been hugging since the mother of his children ran off, their connection becomes strained. Time without Ben, a plane ticket with his name on it, and the magic of Mom all bring Jess around to face his fears. Suddenly, he’s ready to go the distance, only to find that he has more than miles to go before he can really say he’s home.

Length: Novel | Rating: Hot | Publisher: Amber Allure
Themes: Interracial RelationshipWorking Class HeroInterclass RelationshipHero with ChildrenContemporary RomanceSmall Town LifeThe City Life

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