Series: Drive Into Love

Drive Into Love

Jess Leonard and Benaiah Day are about as different as the day is long — a working class, white mechanic with two kids in tow; and an upper-middle class, black academic whose ex-boyfriend is his department head — but somehow, they’re going to make it work.

Drive Into LoveDrive Into Love

On the surface, Jess Leonard and Benaiah Day are complete opposites. Jess is white mechanic and a single dad. Ben is a black academic and a happy bachelor. But when push comes to shove, it turns out these two have more in common than the heat they generate in bed…

Previously available only in electronic format, these two stories of contemporary gay romance have now been combined for a paperback edition!  Included are the tales Driven to Distraction and Going the Distance.

Print Editions: Coming Soon!

Driven to DistractionDriven to Distraction

Jess Leonard has his hands full as a single dad and the owner of a small but busy garage. He doesn’t have room in his schedule for a deep breath, much less a date. When Benaiah Day bangs up the underside of his ‘66 Jaguar, Jess heads out to do the fix-up work—and finds himself invited in for dinner and more.

Ben fits perfectly into the tiny bit of time Jess calls his own. Both of them are marveling at their good luck when Jess’s dad inadvertently drives a wedge between them. Dating a black man when your dad isn’t shy about his Southern pride—preferably with the biggest Confederate flag he can find—is a heck of a recipe for relationship issues, and that’s before Jess trips over the baggage—an obnoxious ex—that Ben can’t seem to lose.

In spite of the mess, Jess and Ben drive each other crazy in the very best way, and they’re both dreaming of the same destination—love that lasts. Can they find a way around the obstacles that could keep them from getting there together?

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Going the Distance

Ben has a conference to attend in New York and it only makes sense that he asks Jess to come along. After all, they are… well, something. It stings when Jess says no, even if Ben was expecting it, and leaves him wondering if he’s making a mistake investing himself in the relationship. Worse, being in New York means he has to fend off Andrew—his ex—for days. Seems no one but Ben thinks he’s serious about Jess.

Jess thinks he’s fine until Ben is gone and he’s left with an empty spot in his life where Ben belongs. It’s convenient to have Ben around, and just as convenient when Ben fades back into his own world, but Ben being gone is something else altogether. Jess’s friends and family notice too and push Jess to face up to how he’s been treating Ben as a temporary lover instead of the partner Ben could be.

In New York, Jess has his first moment of real peace in years. In his small home town, everyone knows his business from the way the mother of his kids ran off to the fact that he’s queer. Here he’s just Jess, someone who just might be good enough to be at Ben’s side even in a room full of professors and scholars.

Ben is thrilled that Jess made the trip, but he’s got to face the fact that he’s as much to blame for the uncertainty as Jess—in his attempt to be the perfect fit for Jess’s life, he missed the fact that Jess’s life is due for an overhaul. Ben has to get up the nerve to rock the boat or risk his relationship with Jess ending up like the Titanic. Getting to New York and back is easy; it’s the distance between their lives that’s keeping them apart.

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