All Work and No Play

All Work and No Play (Dear Lake, Michigan)All Work and No Play
Dear Lake, Michigan Book 1

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Joshua has planned every detail of the vacation he’s going to take with his partner, Ciro. All Ciro has to do is show up. They’re headed for Dear Lake, Michigan, a tiny town built around a modest resort that’s been serving up peace and quiet for more than fifty years.

Showing up is harder than it seems. The day their vacation begins, a big client finally decides to move ahead with a project Ciro has been trying to get for months. Joshua is livid, angry enough to leave without him, but there’s nothing Ciro can do about it.

Or is there? Alone in his office before the meeting, Ciro finally sees that he has his priorities mixed up. This meeting is important, but not more important than Joshua. He postpones the meeting, to hell with the consequences, then takes off for Dear Lake to make things right.

But when he arrives, the cabin they were meant to share is empty and Joshua is nowhere to be found. Ciro is left to face the realization that he might be too late to fix what he’s broken.

Length: Short Story | Rating: Hot | Publisher: Amber Allure
Themes: Contemporary RomanceThe City LifeSmall Town Life


Files were stacked to eye-level on Ciro’s desk. So much for the myth of the paperless office. When it came to prepping for meetings, Ciro’s office may as well have been the Library of Congress for all the paper he had lying around.

This was a huge meeting. He’d been working toward it for months. That was why he was here instead of on vacation with Joshua, like they’d planned. He would have done anything to avoid this situation, anything but cancel this meeting. He’d been relying on Joshua to understand how important this was. Then Joshua left without him.

Until Joshua walked out on him this morning, Ciro had been convinced that nothing was more important than getting this contract. This client could pop the advertising agency into the spotlight. This meeting had been the focus of all his energy for weeks.

Now all he could do was ask himself: was this meeting really so important? Was it as important as his relationship with Joshua?

As soon as that second question went through his mind, Ciro knew the answer, and what he had to do about it.


“When you’re in the mood for a fairly uncomplicated story centered on relationships and priorities, with a lovely setting at a lake-side resort, I would recommend this one.” — Tam, Brief Encounters

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