Heightened Senses

Taste Test: K9Heightened Senses
Sensational Book 3

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Jasper is sure that he shouldn’t feel the way he does about Samson, his guide and protector. He finds his shapeshifting friend fascinating, and dreams of a deeper relationship, but will he be able to break the rules?

Length: Short Story | Rating: Hot | Publisher: Torquere Press
Themes: Self-discovery; Shapeshifting Hero; Psychic Hero; Troubled Hero; Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Series Titles:

Coming to His SensesA Sense of TrustTaste Test: K9A Trick of the Senses


The house was empty. No Jasper, no Foley. Through the back door, Samson caught sight of a too-thin figure under the clothesline, hanging laundry. A wet sheet refused to be pinned down and flapped around wildly. Jasper was barely a match for it.

Foley wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Where was he? Why would Foley leave Jasper alone? Foley knew better. Jasper needed to have a companion with him; he could get hurt. The visions, the seizures… Samson went charging out the back door. “Where’s Foley?”

Jasper jabbed a clothespin onto the sheet. “With Haruto. It didn’t make sense to bring him back just for a few hours.” He turned around, shaking his hair out of his eyes. “Did you have a good visit?”

Didn’t make sense. “I had a great visit,” Samson said automatically. What if Jasper’d had a seizure before he’d gotten home? “What if–? Jasper…” Just the thought was enough to make Samson want to change right there. Samson clenched his hands in his hair and spun on his heel, heading back for the house. “I’ll be back in a minute. I’ve got to change.”

Now that Samson was home, he had to change in the house. Here, no one could know the truth. He grabbed his bag and carried it into the little room he called his own. Unpacking didn’t take long — just a few sets of clothes and a shaving kit to put away — and then he started to strip, throwing his clothes in the hamper.

Samson bent at the waist, stretching out to get his hands on the floor, and pushed. The pain as his bones shortened and thickened, as his face lengthened, as his skin sprouted fur — it was excruciating. When it was over, though, Samson felt amazing. The whole world opened up to him. He could smell everything, hear everything.

He raced through the house, snuffling all the places Foley had been. His canine instincts made him want to piss all over the place, marking his territory again, but he pushed it aside and ran through the doggie door to the backyard.

Jasper was still waiting right where Samson had left him, sun-burnt hands crawling over each other like pink and white spiders. He was jittering as though he were about to run off if he only knew where to go.


“Very enjoyable!” — Kris, Dark Diva Reviews

“By turns a serious, erotic and emotional read… Very satisfying.” — British Bull Dog, Rainbow Reviews


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