Coming to His Senses

Coming to His SensesComing to His Senses
Sensational Book 1

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Jasper has never known life outside institutions and hospitals. Samson has lived his life in a haven for shapeshifters, but he yearns to be with his person. When an elderly telepath meets Samson, he’s sure that Jasper is the person Samson has been waiting for.

Length: Short Story | Rating: Sweet | Publisher: Torquere Press
Themes: Self-discovery; Shapeshifting Hero; Psychic Hero; Troubled Hero; Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Series Titles:

Coming to His SensesA Sense of TrustTaste Test: K9A Trick of the Senses


Jasper woke long before the lights came on, dragged out of sleep by the dreadful feeling of something going terribly wrong. He woke pawing at his head, trying to untangle the thing that was wrapped around it and finding nothing but his own hair. The thing that was tightening around his brain wasn’t there. There was nothing there to fight.

There never was. Jasper sat up with his back to the cinderblock wall and tried to breathe. Breathing didn’t help, even if he breathed right, but Jasper had to try. Everyone said he would feel better if he just tried. No one seemed to notice that he was trying, that he had been trying ever since he was a kid. He breathed, in through the nose and out through the mouth, counting and trying to relax his shoulders and warm his fingers. The blue nightlight at the foot of his bed cast everything in an eerie glow, but Jasper tried to use it as a focus. If you were trying, he thought, it wouldn’t happen.

It happened anyway. It always did.


“A great short story for those of us who like our paranormal intriguing but a little on the subtle side.” — Kris, Dark Diva Reviews

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