Pit Road

Pit RoadPit Road

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Denny Clay never had much going for him, until the racing circuit took him out of the trailer park and away from his bigoted family. Luck smiled on him, and now he’s settled down—in the closet—with his crew chief and boyfriend, Sully Price.

Though they’re winning races and the fight to keep their relationship secret, Denny can’t shake the feeling he’s going to have to pay up for all this happiness. He never imagined reckoning would come in the form of a rare medical condition that might cost him his career. And maybe Sully too.

For once, Sully’s at a loss, with nothing in his fix-everything toolbox designed to repair his broken lover—or stop Denny’s inevitable slide into a black hole of self-loathing. With a little creativity and a few kinky accessories, Sully shifts into overdrive in the race to get Denny turned around. And prays that his stubborn persistence doesn’t drive their love into a ditch.

Length: Novel | Rating: Hot | Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Themes:  Self-discovery; Troubled HeroContemporary Romance


In the days before the race, Denny’s mood had been in the gutter. He’d snapped at everyone, even Sully, the way he hated when other drivers did it. Sully’s muttered suggestion that they should take off and grab a motel room somewhere didn’t help. It had been the last straw, pushed Denny from antsy to about as nervous as a leaf in a tornado. By the time he got himself buckled in nice and safe—well, everyone else was safe from him—he was ready to spit nails.

“Breathe.” Sully leaned in the window and tugged at one of his belts. Denny wanted to bite him, and not in the good way. “Nothing’s wrong.”

“Don’t say things like that.”

That was the whole problem. Denny was too damn happy. He’d made top ten in the last five races. They had money coming in, had a sponsor who owned more than one local business. The car was perfect. They had the cash for tires. The backup car was perfect. All week, he kept praying for something to go wrong. Here they were, waiting for the start signal and nothing had gone wrong.

“Since when did you get superstitious?” Sully smacked the side of the car as he straightened up. “Behave yourself out there.”

“You want me to behave or you want me to win?” Denny glared at him but good before pulling his helmet on.

“Both. Whatever’s eating you, leave it at the start line.”

Easy for him to say. Denny went through his usual start-up ritual, checking everything twice, making sure he wasn’t forgetting anything.

Maybe something would go wrong tomorrow. Maybe he’d forgotten to pay the phone bill. He still wasn’t so good at this whole home-ownership thing.

He’d probably forgotten a condo-association fee. That would do. He’d take anything right now. A wreck. That would be even better.

He needed something to go wrong, just a little something. Wrecking Sully’s perfectly balanced masterpiece would do nicely. A wreck wasn’t what worried him. What had him all wound up was the idea of getting busted for being Sully’s lover. He could take anything but that. Jesus, anything at all.

But nothing went wrong.


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