One Real Thing

One Real Thing One Real Thing

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Nick Addison has taken care of Hollister Welles since college. Though the responsible grad student and the uninhibited partier were total opposites, they had always shared an inexplicable bond. Nick knows he should stop saving the out-of-control Holly, but when Holly hits rock-bottom hard—and publicly—he can’t resist coming to his rescue one last time. Can’t resist the feeling of having Holly need him again.

Bringing Holly back to New York City, Nick gives Holly the chance to face his demons and break his dangerous habits—while keeping Holly’s presence a secret from Nick’s wife. He doesn’t want to face Caroline’s hatred of Holly…or the reasons she might have to resent him.

Then the tables are turned. Just as Holly pulls himself together, Nick’s life falls apart. Now it’s up to Holly to bring Nick back from the brink—and to make Nick finally face the desires he’s long denied.

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Length: Novel | Rating: Hot | Publisher: Carina Press
Themes: Friends to Lovers; Self-discovery; Troubled Hero; Bisexual Hero; Contemporary Romance; The City Life


“Rich sent me some links to what Holly’s been up to lately. Looks like he’s having a hard run of it.”

“Holly?” Caroline’s laugh was politely derisive. “You mean he’s still at large?” She snapped her clutch closed. “I had no idea he hadn’t managed to wrap his car around a tree or something yet. I suppose I’d’ve heard about it, though. His ambition always did seem to be maximum collateral damage.”

For all that Nick hadn’t seen Holly in years, Caroline’s attitude hurt. Nick’s relationship with Caroline had driven a wedge between him and Holly. In college, they’d stayed close, but once Nick got his master’s and married Caroline, everything had changed.

Once upon a time, he and Holly had been something like friends. Best friends, but not like other people would have defined it. They’d been at odds on every topic, and it had taken Nick a while to work out that their debates had simply been Holly’s way to get closer to him. Even within their circle of friends, Nick’s relationship with Holly had been unique. Holly had flirted with—and often fucked—anyone he could get his hands on, anyone but Nick. Nick had been the one to take care of him and reel him in when he got too far out of bounds. Holly was out of bounds now, had been straying further and further in the last few years, but Nick was too far away to help.

“I’m sure you’d have heard about it,” Nick murmured noncommittally before letting the conversation drift to safer ground. “So what are you and Anne working on?”


“If you want the same old two-friends-secretly-in-love-with-each-other story, then move on.” — Alex, Between the Covers

Night Owl Reviewer Top Pick“A multifaceted novel of friendship, redemption, and love.” — Kathy, Black Raven’s Reviews

“An incredible story that I hated to see come to an end. It has earned a spot on my keeper shelf where I’ll joyfully revisit these characters for many years to come.” — Daisiemae, Night Owl Reviews

“One of the best friends to lovers stories I’ve read for a while.” — Jenre, Reviews by Jessewave and Jenre, Well Read

One Real Thing is a March 2011 Recommended Read at Reviews by Jessewave!

“The writing style of this author duo has a way of drawing you in their story real deep and very fast. I started reading the book in the late evening and I couldn’t put it down until early in the morning. And I happily gave up those few hours of sleep.” — Janna, Rarely Dusty Books

“If you’ve read too many light and fluffy books lately, One Real Thing is just the cure you need.” — Cassie, Joyfully Reviewed

“Excuse me while I wipe my gooey self off the floor.” — Sharon S., Love Romance Passion

“You can really tell the bond that the boys have had.” — Lauren, Shooting Stars Mag

dearauthor_recommendedOne Real Thing is a January 2011 Recommended Read at Dear Author!

“Such a subtle book, so simple and yet so complicated.” — SarahF/Joan, Dear Author

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