Snake Charmer

Shifting ThemSnake Charmer
Birds of a Feather Book 2

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Three’s a crowd? Now that Ross has Tau to protect and love him, Lindy isn’t sure where she belongs. She meets a charming snake, another albino and a king, who introduces her to his nest — all albinos, just like her. It feels like this could be her new home, but not everything is what it seems… and Ross and Tau aren’t ready to let her go.

Length: Short Story [Anthology] | Rating: Erotic | Publisher: Torquere Press
Themes: Bisexual Hero; Shapeshifting Hero; Polyamorous Relationship; Ménage à Trois; Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

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“Madam.” The word rolled off his tongue. “Belinda. May I call you Belinda?”

“That depends,” Lindy said. “Who are you?”

He smiled slowly, like he’d been pleasantly surprised by her bluntness. “Phineas.”

“Phineas.” That didn’t tell her anything. “Okay, Phineas. Why are you standing beside my table?”

“Should a gentleman not approach a beautiful lady who catches his interest?” Phineas
asked, spreading his hands wide.

Lindy rolled her eyes, but really, she was flattered. It wasn’t often anyone called her beautiful. She was albino, and that was hardly anyone’s idea of attractive.

Of course, he was albino, too, but he pulled it off better than she could ever manage herself. His skin and hair were pale cream with hints of yellow, a sharp contrast to his dark suit, and the pink of his eyes set off the burgundy of his shirt. When she tried for contrast like that, she just felt washed out, but he looked stunning.

“Well. Are you planning to sit down, then, or are you just going to stand there all night?”


Night Owl Romance Top Pick

“An unexpected jewel in this collection, a complex, tightly woven tale.” — Carole, Rainbow Reviews

“Six wonderfully imaginative short stories.” — Dee, Night Owl Reviews

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