Birds of a Feather

Love Bites CoverBirds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather Book 1

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As a stagnant bird-shifter, trapped between forms from birth, all Ross wants is the safety that comes with being part of a family… and he’s found it. Lindy, an albino snake-shifter, is all the family he needs. But the other birds still torment Ross, and when a lion-shifter comes calling, Lindy is sure they’ve found their perfect third.

Length: Short Story [Anthology] | Rating: Erotic | Publisher: Torquere Press
Themes: Bisexual Hero; Shapeshifting Hero; Polyamorous Relationship; Ménage à Trois; Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Series Titles

Love Bites CoverShifting ThemThe Lion's Share


“Pretty, isn’t he?”

Ross thought Lindy was talking about Tau, and he was about to answer, when Tau said, “He’s beautiful.”

Ross didn’t know what to say to that, so he leaned up, catching Tau’s mouth with his own and preventing either of them from saying anything more. Lindy made a pleased sound and Tau echoed her when Ross licked at his lips. He teased his way inside, his tongue sliding against Tau’s. When Tau sucked gently at Ross’ tongue, Ross was the one making pleased sounds, moaning quietly.

The sounds seemed to energize Tau. He pushed up over Ross, pressing him down onto his back on the bed, and bit at his lower lip. That just made Ross moan again. He loved the sharp edge of Lindy’s teeth on his skin, and Tau’s teeth felt just as good. Ross threaded his fingers into Tau’s hair and whined, asking for more. He bumped into another set of fingers, Lindy’s, and felt her tug Tau back from him. He whined again, but she didn’t stop, and soon their kiss was broken.

“Up,” she said. “Get up.” When Tau sat up, Ross could see that Lindy was already naked behind him. She reached around Tau’s body to start unbuttoning Ross’ nightshirt. “I’m feeling a little lonely here,” she murmured, when she’d gotten the shirt undone. She grinned, running her hands down her body. Ross’ eyes followed her hands. Tau noticed and turned around to see, too.

“Yeah,” he purred, showing his sharp teeth in a grin of his own. Tau pulled his shirt off over his head and tossed it on the floor, then shifted to get at his pants. Ross shrugged out of his nightshirt, pushed off his shorts, and then he just laid back and watched. Lindy was gorgeous, and Tau looked just as good.

Tau had to stand up to get his pants off, which made the view even better. His body was gold all over, sleek and muscular. There was a thin trail of tawny fur that led from his navel down between his legs. Ross wondered what it would be like to follow the trail with his tongue. Before he could get up and find out for himself, Lindy crawled up over his body, licking at skin and feathers alike.

When she got up to his mouth, Ross rolled them both over, biting at her lips the way Tau had bitten at his. She hissed in pleasure and pushed up to kiss him, hard. The kisses were so good that he almost forgot Tau was there, until the pressure of Tau’s hard cock against the curve of his ass made forgetting Tau’s presence impossible. Ross groaned into the kisses and pushed back against Tau, inviting more.


Night Owl Romance Top Pick“A strangely compelling tale with unique shifters…this story is so hot it might burn your fingers.” —Sabella, Joyfully Reviewed

“A wonderful compilation of eight very erotic ménage a trois tales.” — Dee, Night Owl Romance

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