Becoming Us

Becoming UsBecoming Us

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Zac Mitchell and Bryce Tellier were best friends for the first two years of college, but things got complicated their junior year. Their senior year isn’t looking to get any easier. Zac is out with a bang, featured in a magazine article on queer college athletes. Bryce didn’t have a clue, but now Zac’s revelation is shattering his world, making him question everything he thinks he knows, making him wonder if he’ll manage to keep things together.

Bryce’s father wants him out of the house he shares with Zac and two other friends, doesn’t want him around someone like Zac. Bryce has spent years ducking his brothers’ accusations about his sexuality. Now, Bryce has to decide where he stands, and he has to face how Zac makes him feel. Zac spent years working up the courage to come out and now he might have to go back in the closet to be with the person he wants most. Nothing seems right when Zac and Bryce part, so can these boys make their relationship work?

Length: Novel | Rating: Erotic | Publisher: Torquere Press
Themes: Interracial Relationship; Athlete Hero; Friends to Lovers; Self-discovery; Bisexual Hero; Contemporary Romance; College Life


“Why did Perry get to know and not me?” Bryce sloshed beer again, but the cup was already a quarter empty and it only went over his hand and wrist.

“Bryce…” Zac wasn’t sure what to say to that. That wasn’t what he’d expected, not at all. He’d known things with Bryce would change, but he hadn’t thought about how coming out together in that interview would make it obvious Perry had known all along. “Because it wasn’t really… relevant.”

“Not relevant?”

“Well, it’s not like you welcomed Perry with open arms when he came out to you,” Zac pointed out before he could censor himself. Bryce wasn’t even looking at Zac anymore. It was just like before, when Perry had come out to the swim team and Bryce had started flinching away from his touches, avoiding spending time alone with him. Bryce had never said anything, but Zac knew that Perry being out had changed things for Bryce.

Bryce stopped draining the cup to sputter, “It was just… I was surprised.” He flailed his arms until he was standing. “I mean, all that time, and he never said anything. And then I’m supposed to act like I knew all along?” The cup and whatever was left in it went into the too-long grass with his next flail. that interview would make it obvious

Zac stood up and caught Bryce’s arm, intending to pull him back to the swing, but Bryce leaned back against his grasp. “Dude.” Perry had been totally patient with everyone on the team, letting them get their bearings around him again, but it had seemed everything Perry tried had just made things worse between him and Bryce.

“It’s just. Not right. It’s not. Nothing’s right.” Bryce wasn’t just being an ass about it; he was actually upset about something.

“What’s wrong, man?”

“Nothing.” Bryce pulled away and stumbled as he went to get one of the bottles of beer he’d stashed at the base of the swing. Of course. Zac had to wonder how many had been there to start with. “Just. Nothing. It’s just all wrong, that’s all. I need another drink. Maybe I should get laid.”


Dark Diva Recommended Read“Simply extraordinary.” — Kris, Dark Diva Reviews

“Breathtaking in its intensity.” — Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed

“Definitely recommended.” — Wave, Reviews by Jessewave

dearauthor_recommendedBecoming Us was chosen as an October 2009 Dear Author Recommended Read!

“A wonderful story about the difficulties one man had to overcome to realize his dream, a love for all time.” — Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

“A very well written story that touched my heart and has won a spot on my keeper shelf. I highly recommend it.” — Lily, Rainbow Reviews/I Love Books

“A deeply emotional story.” — Emerald Jaguar

Becoming us was included in Jessewave’s list of Diverse M/M Books for having a biracial hero.

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