Sensational Extra: Emailing Haruto

Emailing Haruto
An email out-take from A Trick of the Senses.



I know you said Samson is always right about my sickness but I don’t think so right now.

I think I should go back and look again for that vision I had. Samson says no. He’s being so UNREASONABLE. If you told him I was right, then he would take me back. You could look into my mind and see how important it is, and that I’m right. I don’t mind. I know you do it all the time anyway without asking, so don’t pretend you don’t.

I don’t like fighting with him. It’s horrible. But I know I’m right. I know it. Why doesn’t anyone believe me?

Can you please tell him I’m right so he won’t fight with me anymore?

Thank you,

PS: I am pretty sure it is bad for me to not be speaking to him. It is certainly bad for him. He didn’t finish his dinner. But I AM right. So just tell him. -J.



Put some cheese on Samson’s food, he’ll eat it.

The rest is something you’ll have to work out between the two of you. Next time you two want to have an argument, remember how much you both hate this. It’ll save you misery in the future.


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